The best summer ever in Antalya

Last summer, we went to Antalya. We arrived at night and had a small trip in the city. The city was really fascinating. Our first day was in a big hotel, including sea, pools and water parks, I enjoyed the hotel, it was just like being in a paradise!!! We spent our entire day there.

Second day, my mother’s friend, -her name is Şule- started to show me the entire city. I’ve never seen a cuter supercar -a Lamborghini- and I took photos of it, that was much fun.
From that on, we went to Expo 2016 for 3 nights(or days) because it was really big and you can’t complete it at a time. That tower, and the gardens were really fascinating and took lots of photos of them and increased my followers!!!
Şule was even my friend now and she was happily showing me the different places of the city. I loved her too. I even went to an amusement park and tried new devices there, it was really fun!!!
And now I miss that city but I met a friend from Model United Nations, she lives in Konyaaltı and I keep talking to her to have opportunities to hangout. My offer is: Don’t stay at home in summer. Life is nice, enjoy it!
Mert Özarslan

Yazar: berins

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