Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey

Last year I went to Pamukkale with my friends. Pamukkale is located in Denizli, Turkey. Anyway when we were there something interesting happened. But first I want to start from the beginning.

When I was talking to one of my best friends, we suddenly decided to go somewhere but we couldn’t decide where to go. So we asked our friends.

Finally we decided to go Pamukkale because I had never been there before.

After that happened we found a bus and went to Pamukkale. The journey takes 15 minutes.

When we got out of the bus, we got shocked. It seemed like everywhere was covered with snow but we know that it wasn’t. It felt like were in a Frozen movie.

We started to discover the area. There was a pool and sooo many ducks and a lot of duck eggs. Suddenly the magic happened in front of us. It was a little duck who tried to broke her egg. It was the cutest and the most disgusting thing ever that I could ever see. Then her/his mother came up and took her/him to another place. So we moved on.

The Pamukkale’s water is healthy for the skin so we took off our shoes and got in. We spent a little time there and went to the gift shop. I found a little duck figure so bought it immediately. Because I don’t want to forget this memory ever.
When my friends saw that they bought it too. We bought some other things and went home.

It was the most perfect day of my life.

Göksun Atlıhan

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