A little piece of Datça

Datça… one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. It is not crowded and that makes it unique. There are a lot of flowers on the streets. And Datça has got a flower and its name is Datça’s flower. And of course the sea… Datça’s sea is the best sea in Turkey and in my opinion one of the best seas in the world. You can easily see inside of the sea.

And Datça has a lot of beautiful places such as other bays. If you want to go to a different place, it is too easy. There is a bus station and every 15 minutes you can take the bus.

When the sun goes down (it’s for the summer time) there is a place for buying things like jewelery and beautiful objects, clothes. Moreover, there is a park for children. And of course food… yummy!!  There are many places on the seaside.


Accommodation is very easy. There are a lot of hotels, motels and aparts. I hope one day you can see how beautiful this city is.

Sudenur İnamlık

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