A Summer in London

My name is Kayra. I am one of the students of Berin Teacher and she wanted to me write my experience about a city I have visited and I decided to write about my London trip.

Last summer I went to London to improve my English, make new friends and of course travel around the city. I stayed there for a month. When I got to the London Heathrow Airport, the weather was cloudy and also rainy. By the way, I went there with a group. After picking my luggage we took our way to our houses. In my first day I bought a telephone number because it is important to communicate with other people in the  group and of course with the group leader. After that we ate shrimp in a local restaurant then we went to Big Ben by tube using the district line. We took a picture of a group then we passed the Westminster Bridge by walking after crossing the bridge we have entered to “London Dungeon” they told us it could be scary but it was actually enjoyable.

Normally in weekdays I went to language school with my group friends in the morning. After the school we ate some hand-made foods for 4£ in a day at school after the lunch we took our way to museums, shopping malls or sometimes to the parks. In weekends we were traveling to some other towns such as Brighton and Oxford.

On my last day after I got my report, I travelled around the city. First I went to Notting Hill because I always wanted to see the blue door from the movie (Notting Hill). Then I got on the tube again to take some photos of the Big Ben, after that I walked to St. Paul Cathedral…

That was my last day in London…

Thank you for reading. I hope you like it…

Kayra Öztoprak


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